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The TURBO monofin allows you to improve your swimming technique without interfering with the natural mechanics of movement. The open heel gives you enhanced comfort and an ergonomic fit. Perfect for practicing a wave-like movement with your legs like a dolphin in the water, helping you develop the correct trajectory when pushing off the side and turning. It also increases the load on your leg, abdominal, and back muscles, and helps to synchronize the movements of both legs. FEATURES: Designed for professional swimmers – these fins will help you build leg strength and stamina while focusing on your swimming technique; Ergonomic shape and blade angle – ensure most accurate and natural kick execution; Open heel design – superior comfort and ergonomics. SIZE: Foot length (pocket) x Foot width (pocket) Size 32-34: 20x7,5 cm Size 35-37: 21,5x8 cm Size 38-40: 23x8,5 cm Size 41-43: 24,5x9 cm Size 44-46: 26x9,5 cm

Monofins have been developed to help maximize the power of butterfly kick and to improve overall flexibility of swimmers! Buy online!




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  • Bottle
  • Swimsuit
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