Training series

Discover our range of swimming equipment and accessories designed to improve your training experience! Mad Wave’s swim trainers are designed to help you achieve the best possible results when training in the pool! Choose from our snorkels, belts, and straps to find the one that fits your needs!



Mad Wave's professional PRO SNORKEL Swim Trainer has been designed to improve the swimming stroke technique by eliminating the need to turn the head to breathe. The snorkel has excellent hydrodynamic properties, delivering smooth glide through the water. The ergonomic mouthpiece designed by Mad Wave's specialists will bring you superior comfort in use and the reliable locking mechanism will ensure a secure fit.

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Mad Wave's DRAG CHUTE is the ideal choice for improving your upper body strength and stamina when training in the pool. Designed with and adjustable mouth to provide you with varying resistance levels, the DRAG CHUTE’s cord combines both durability and stretchiness to ensure maximum safety for the swimmer’s spine. The model also features a handy float to prevent interference in kick motion. The trainer is compatible with all swimming strokes.

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Our ERGO PADDLES will provide you with excellent hydrodynamic properties and durability, helping you build upper body strength and improve your stroke technique. The unique ergonomic shape with smooth elastic bands will ensure a safe, comfortable training experience by minimizing the load on your shoulder joints and preventing the risk of traumatizing other swimmers in the pool. The model features an adjustable strap for the perfect fit.

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racing goggles

Mad Wave's DRY TRAINING Trainer has been designed to simulate swimming movements and to improve your strength and stamina. Durable materials and comfortable paddles ensure safety and convenience. Comes in five different resistances.

1,3-3,6 kg 2,2-6,3 kg 3,6-10,8 kg 5,4-14,1 kg 6,3-15,4 kg

racing goggles

Expand your training technique with Mad Wave’s wide variety of kickboards and pull buoys! All our equipment is made using durable materials and designed to help you achieve the best possible results when training in the pool!


Mad Wave’s ALIGNMENT Kickboard combines the advantages of both a kickboard and a pull buoy, providing a comfortable and effective experience swim after swim. Its unique hydrodynamic shape and precisely selected float characteristics will ensure smooth glide and outstanding versatility when training in the pool. Comes with handy PULL strap to ensure both accurate leg and hand placement when using as a pull buoy or kickboard respectively. Made of durable EVA foam material.

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Mad Wave's CORE ALIGNMENT has been designed to help improve your stroke technique and hip rotation accuracy by immobilizing the legs. The unique form provides the most effective leg fixation, thus helping you to focus on the main sides of your swim. The trainer is compatible with all swimming strokes. Made of durable EVA material.

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